Warning about arrow use.
Damage to an arrow shaft or any of its components may occur from:
Impacting other arrows or hard objects like trees, rocks, fences, etc. or Improper transport,replica watches no list can cover all possible conditions and situations that may cause damage.
Shooting a broken or damaged replica watches arrow could result in serious injury to you or a bystander and cause serious damage to your bow.
Please do follow the warnings and instructions below to determine if your arrow has been damaged in anyway.

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Carefully inspect each arrow shaft, nock and other components to see that they have not been damaged.
If the nock is damaged replace the nock.
Never shoot an arrow with damaged components

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Grasp the arrow just above the point and below the nock and manually flex the arrow into an arc looking for any cracks or openings while listening for any cracking noises.
If you notice any of these, discard the arrow

While still holding the point and fletching ends, twist the shaft in opposite directions.
If you see or feel any damage, discard the arrow

A damaged arrow could break upon release and injure you or a bystander. If you have any reason to believe that an arrow has been damaged, discard the arrow

When you install all the components of your arrow, you must use specific archery tools like an arrow cut-off saw or epoxy glue. For your safety before cutting your shafts/arrows please wear eye protection glasses and never cut an arrow too short. The correct arrow length is determined by drawing a full length arrow and having someone mark the arrow one inch (2.5cm) in front of where the arrow contacts the most forward portion of the arrow rest.orologi replica
In order to glue your points or inserts, it’s better to use an epoxy glue.replicas de relojes Mix the two glues and  then apply it all around the point or insert. Once the point/insert is inserted into the arrow please clean the excess of glue and let it dry.

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Do not shoot AVALON COMPOSITE and AVALON TYRO arrows with a compound bow

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